Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Posted from: Garden Residence Cyberjaya

Have been quite sometimes since I posted here.  The latest news is that Precint 1 and 2 (Cassia and Evergreen) were handed over to the owners late last year and Precint 3 (Jacaranda) is being handed over to the owners now.

Will try to keep community news posted when I am free.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project Development Progress as of End February 2011

Overall, from a passer-by view, the project is progressing really fast.  However, it is difficult to present his in pictures during construction.  From what I can recall (may be incorrect but just to give readers some idea of what’s happening), P1 to P3 are all progressing well with almost 70% (wild estimation) of the structure for all unit in these locations being up.  I would give a very generalized statement that P2 seems to be progressing fastest, followed by P1 and finally P3. However, it seems that a corner unit of a Double Storey Superlink seems to be always the furthest ahead in terms of progress.  As of a few weeks ago, the window panes (from the pictures, you can see the slightly greenish window panes) are all in and a first coating of paint as well.


The final row (nearest to Garden Plaza side) of Superlinks are having their foundation (?) prepared as of end of February 2011.


The man-made water feature’s area can now be easily visualized as they have moulded the grounds clearly.  There are some units of P2 that are nicely situated to oversee the water feature!

A dual carriageway is also being readied to serve the Clover Precinct (yet to be officially launched) and Garden Plaza.  Overall, it’s coming up nicely … and quickly too!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blossom Show House to be ready by November 2010!

The Blossom, or rather the 3.5 storey, 7,xxx sq. ft. bungalow with a lift, show house will be ready by November 2010.  It is still currently being sold at RM3.1 million.  There are limited units available and as at the end of October, they have already sold around 5 units prior to the show house being ready.

Blossom Show House

It seems that the show house has already been sold and this unit will be the only one that is in Precinct 3.  Precinct 4, named Blossom will be exclusively for this bungalow type.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Project Development Progress as of 11th October 2010

In the past month, both Precinct 1 and Precinct 2’s progress seem to be moving fast, considering that it has been raining very regularly.  Precinct 1 Semi-Detach seems to be progressing the fastest with almost 2 rows of houses have their brick walls completed.  Precinct 3’s fastest development is the Blossom bungalow show house that is being built and also piling works.

New progress on the infrastructure consist of the extension of the road towards their commercial development, Garden Plaza, and the Cyberjaya entrance to Garden Residence.  The right of the picture is the main Garden Residence Superlinks.  This is from the bridge across LimKokWing University.

Road Extension

As compared to last month’s progress, the row of 2 Storey Superlink with it’s back to the 3 Storey Superlink is having it’s structure built up. Whilst the roof of the next row of 2 Storey Superlink seems to be progress, albeit a little slow.


As can be seen in the background, the Precinct 1 Semi-Detach is rapidly filling up the empty space.


As the houses at Garden Residence are built in terrace like environment, there is a height difference between some of them.  From the plan, most of the purchasers are not aware of the height difference.  The difference can be seen from the picture below.  The rear of the higher house has very limited space whilst the lower units seem to be larger, which may be because of the regulatory need for a common backlane in terrace houses.


The height is about 5 feet.  The picture above is probably the rear of the first row of 3SSL and 2SSL in Precinct 1.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blossom (Precinct 4) Bungalows Launch

The last phase of Garden Residence was launched this weekend, this is earmarked as Precinct 4 and is located at the north most area, next to Putrajaya Precinct 11.  These bungalows will have a standard land size of 60’ by 90’ but is being launched from 3.2 million onwards!  Why is it so much more expensive that the other bungalows in Garden Residence?  It will have a build up area of more than 7,700 sq ft and with an internal lift servicing the 4 floors.

Garden Residence Blossom Bungalow

The overall layout is quite standard for the ground floor, with 1 guest room and 1 utility/maid’s room.  The 1st and 2nd floors are very much the same layout, each with a master bedroom and 2 smaller rooms at the rear (with en-suite individual bathrooms) and the 3rd floor (roof) will have a “party” area with a large open air Jacuzzi.

Garden Residence Blossom Bungalow

As can be seen from the pictures, the show unit is being built currently.  It looks very large as compared to the other smaller bungalows.  We can’t wait for have a look at it when it is ready.

On the sales update, there are approximately 6 unit of 2 storey superlink, 3 units of 3 storey superlink, 5 units of semi-d (both types) and a whole lot more bungalows for sale.